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    A distribution strategy is a critical element to your success. Our cost efficient
    warehousing solutions enable you to fulfill your commitments to your customers,
    anywhere in the world.

Southern Packaging maintains one of the largest inventories of bulk packaging products in North America at our warehouse facilities located near Dallas, Texas. Our location allows easy access to all major interstates and railroads. Transit time to customer locations within the contiguous United States is generally 1-3 days.

As a value-added service to our customers, Southern Packaging is ready to support your inventory management initiatives by offering flexible inventory stocking arrangements. By placing a blanket purchase agreement, we will manufacture and hold your product in inventory until the exact time you need it. Invoicing is held until the time you receive the product, allowing you to optimize your cash flow, take advantage of the low unit costs, and receive your product in the quantity you need when you need it. SP can manufacture and hold your product for as long as one year following the initial shipment.
Inventory Management

Our inventory management solutions reduce total costs by delivering

supply chain visibility and control.

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