8 Reasons Why Poly Woven Block Bottom Valve Bags are Great for Deer Corn

November 24, 2020

Valve Bags for Deer Corn

It’s Deer Season, and Southern Packaging is here to support your packaging needs with premium quality poly valve bags for deer corn and wildlife feed. 

Woven PP packaging is a high-strength, cost-effective alternative to traditional multi-wall paper bags. Made from lightweight, moisture-resistant materials, poly bags are quickly becoming the preferred packaging style of major deer corn and livestock feed producers. 

Valve Bags for Deer Corn

What is a Woven Poly Valve Bag? 

A woven poly “block bottom” or “valve” bag is a common industrial packaging style designed to package a wide variety of dry flowable products. Valve bags are packed on equipment that deposits material into the bag via a horizontal filling spout. After filling, forces generated by the product inside the bag allow the valve opening to self-seal. 

Valve bags can be made with paper, woven poly, or poly film. Woven poly bags are made by extruding polypropylene resin into sheets, cutting the sheets into tapes, and weaving the tapes into the tubular fabric. The tubular fabric is then laminated, cut, and converted into a finished bag. Woven Poly bags offer several functional advantages over traditional multi-wall paper bags.

8 Reasons Why Poly Valve Bags are Excellent for Bagging Cleaned Shelled Deer Corn and Wildlife Feed

  1. Extreme Strength – Woven Poly Valve Bags Don’t Break! Their tubular woven plastic design (no back seam) is highly resistant to breakage allowing you to use and abuse the bag without product loss, rupture, or damage during transit. 
  2. Fast Filling – Valve style bags are built for high-speed packing equipment and require no additional sewing or sealing once filled. 
  3. Water Resistance – Woven Poly Valve Bags are made using a combination of heavy gauge woven polypropylene and polypropylene film. The design forms a nearly waterproof package. 
  4. Print Quality – Photographic level print quality can be achieved using BOPP printing methods. 
  5. Scratch Proof Printing – PP bags are printed using advanced techniques that prevent scratching or fading. 
  6. Warehousing & Shipping – Woven Poly valve bags are substantially lighter than traditional paper bags. 2x as many poly valve bags can be packed per pallet vs. paper. In some instances, 6,000+ bags per pallet!
  7. 100% Recyclable – Woven Poly Bags are made from 100% recyclable plastic. Multi-wall Paper bags with a film layer CANNOT be recycled! 
  8. PRICE – PP bags are often substantially less expensive than traditional 3-ply Kraft Paper Valve Bags. 

Valve bags for deer corn

Need Paper or Poly Bags for Deer Corn or Wildlife Feed Now?

ON-DEMAND Bag Inventory – We support many large animal feed and seed operations throughout the country with a range of packaging styles. These styles include:

  • Woven Poly Block Bottom Valve Bags
  • Multi-Wall Paper Valve Bags
  • Poly Film Valve Bags
  • Multi-wall Paper Sewn Open Mouth Bags
  • Paper Poly Sewn Open Mouth Bags
  • BOPP Sewn Open Mouth Bags
  • FIBC Bulk Bags / Totes

We invite our customers to take advantage of our significant inventory of on-demand bag offerings. Email our experienced sales team for more information. 


Woven Poly Bags


Proper Planning and Preparation Promotes Monster Bucks

Supplemental deer feeding leads to a healthier herd and increases the population and longevity of your herd by providing the recommended feed and minerals to your animals. For information regarding proper wild deer feeding and supplementation, visit Texas Parks and Wildlife.

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