FIBC Bulk Bags

Strong partnerships with world-class manufacturing facilities enable us to deliver a broad range of FIBCS to the agriculture, building products, chemical, food, fertilizer, minerals, petrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals industries.

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Bulk Bags

Southern Packaging stocks the largest inventory of on-demand FIBCs in the country. Nearly 1 million FIBCs across 100 SKUs are available for immediate shipment to your plant location. From food grade to UN Certified, we are capable of supplying an FIBC for any industrial application.

FIBC Bulk Bag Design Guide

FIBCs are designed based on the specific product, filling, and discharge requirements of the customer. Please visit our design guide for information on the most common bulk bag styles and features.

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U-Panel Bulk Bag

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Circular (Tubular) Bulk Bag

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Baffled Bulk Bag

Bulk Bags On-Demand

Our experienced sales team is committed to delivering high-quality bags that exceed your expectations. Click to view our on-demand, ready-to-ship inventory of FIBCs.

Manufacturing Capabilities

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U.N. Certified Hazmat Bulk Bags

UN Certified Bags are designed to carry hazardous products. The transportation of hazardous materials is regulated worldwide by a team of experts from the United Nations.

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Conductive / Groundable Type C

Type C bags are made with conductive fabrics with interwoven conductive yarns. Type C bags are provided with grounding tabs, which must be engaged to dissipate static charge.

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Anti-Static Type D / Crohmiq TM

Static protection is essential to prevent a fire or catastrophic explosion. Anti-static FIBCs offer static protection in the form of a Type D bulk bag.

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Food & Pharma Grade Bulk Bags

 Our food and pharma grade bags are manufactured in certified clean rooms that adhere to the highest quality standards. We offer in-stock options for immediate needs.

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APC Certified Peanut Totes

We proudly support American agriculture with quality totes approved by the American Peanut Council.

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Manufacturer Certifications

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