Anti-Static Type D Bulk Bags

We take safety seriously. Our Anti-Static Type D bulk bags provide the highest levels of security for the most challenging applications.


Engineered for Safety

When handling sensitive bulk powders, or filling and discharging bags where flammable gases or vapors are present, static protection is essential to prevent a fire or catastrophic explosion. Electrostatic FIBCs offer static protection in the form of either a Type C or Type D bulk bag. These bag types are engineered to control static electricity thereby significantly reducing the risk of a fire or explosion. C

ROHMIQ™ static protective FIBC fabric is internationally recognized as the safest Anti-Static Type D technology available today. Over 40 million CROHMIQ bulk bags have been safely used in combustible environments without a single recorded industrial accident. Southern Packaging proudly supports the use of CROHMIQ branded FIBC fabrics and bulk bags.


What is a Type D FIBC?

A Type D FIBC is made of woven fabric which enables electrostatic charge to be dissipated without being grounded. The fabric of a Type D FIBC generally contains conductive threads or filaments which safely dissipate the charge through low energy "corona" discharges. Some Type D bags have a low resistivity lining, which can reduce the risk of incendiary discharges.

Type D bulk bags are safe for transporting FLAMMABLE products. Flammable materials or gases MAY be present outside of the bag. Type D FIBCs are NOT REQUIRED TO BE GROUNDED during filling and discharge.

Type D bulk bags such as Crohmiq™ bulk bags are manufactured with fabric containing quasi-conductive yarns that safely dissipate static electricity into the atmosphere via safe, low-energy corona discharge.

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Type D Bag Benefits

  • Dissipates Static Electricity
  • Prevents Brush Discharges
  • Prevents Sparks
  • Prevents Propagating Brush Discharges
  • Safe for use in the presence of Solvents, Flammable Powders, and Combustible Materials
  • Eliminates the Risk of Human Error
  • Safest Bulk Bag Type in Explosive Environments

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Safe use for type D bulk bags:

  • To transport flammable powders.
  • When flammable vapors, gases, or combustible dusts are present.

Do not use type D bulk bags:

  • When surface of FIBC is contaminated or coated with conductive material such as grease or other flammable and or combustible materials.

Safe use for type C bulk bags: 

  • To transport flammable powders.
  • When flammable vapors, gases, or combustible dusts are present outside the bag.


Do not use type C bulk bags:

  • When ground connection is not present or has become damaged.
  • Resistance from any location FIBC to ground-able point.


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