Paperboard Slip Sheets

Save money, space, and time by transitioning from traditional corrugated to heavy duty paperboard.


Heavy-Duty Paperboard

Made in the USA from recycled materials, paperboard slip sheets protect palletized products from damage during storage, handling, and shipping. Our lightweight, cost-effective sheets defend bagged materials against punctures and tears caused by pallet nails and deckboards. The high strength paperboard fibers serve as a moisture-resistant barrier between the ground and your product preventing mold and mildew.

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Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for loads up to 4,000lbs
  • Multiple paperboard types, as well as clay coated and uncoated styles
  • .08-.46 board point
  • Straight edge or rounded corners
  • 7x number of sheets per pallet vs. corrugated
  • Avg 30% less expensive than corrugated
  • Stock sizes available for immediate shipment
    36x36 | 48x48 | 40x48 | 42x42


Paperboard vs. Corrugated

Paperboard Illustration
Corrugated Illustration
Caliper Sheets per Pallet Pallets per Truckload Sheets per Truckload
30pt Paperboard 1,500 20 30,000
22pt Paperboard 2,000 20 40,000
Corrugated B-Flute 120pt 400 56 22,400
Corrugated C-Flute 150pt 320 56 17,920
Paperboard Comparison Cartoon-1

Volume Comparison

The space savings between paperboard and corrugated stacks up! Paperboard slip sheets take up significantly less warehouse space than traditional corrugated.


Types of Paperboard

Clay Coated SUS
Clay Coated SUS

Solid unbleached sulfate paperboard produced from at least 80% virgin unbleached, natural wood pulp. White on one side with superior strength, designed to withstand moisture.

clay coated chipboard
Clay Coated Chipboard

Made from 100% recycled materials, clay coated chipboard is an economical alternative to SUS.

Uncoated SUS-1
Uncoated SUS

Solid unbleached sulfate paperboard produced from at least 80% virgin natural wood pulp. Brown on both sides offering superior strength and durability.

Uncoated chipboard
Uncoated Chipboard

Made from 100% recycled materials, uncoated chipboard is designed to meet your strength and durability requirements.

clay coated gypsum 2
Clay Coated Gypsum

A thin sheet that is noted for its cost effectiveness. Caliper ranges from .08-.11 pt.

Micrometer_shutterstock_1030362403 700px

How to Measure Board Thickness with a Micrometer

Slip sheet cost is determined by three basic factors: material type, board size, and board thickness. Oftentimes, our customers are unaware of the board thickness they require.

Using a micrometer measurement tool, place the board between the micrometer. Shown here is a piece of paperboard being measured. This particular sheet is measured at 0.037 or 37 point.

Rectangle 22 (3)

Partnering with Southern Packaging

Southern Packaging, LP is a bulk packaging supply leader, providing supply chain solutions to manufacturers throughout the United States.Our complete line of SUS, Chipboard, and Gypsum slip sheets are suitable for nearly any industrial application.

Over 600,000 slip sheets across 25 SKUs are available for immediate shipment to your plant location.Custom slip sheet orders can be produced and delivered in as little as 2 weeks. We also offer vendor managed inventory programs for customers requiring just-in-time delivery.

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