Stevedore FIBCs & Sandbags

From flood control to export sand, we offer tailored FIBC and sandbag solutions for your dynamic business.

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Stevedore FIBC

Stevedore straps are a lifting component of a Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container. A stevedore strap is a belt connecting either two adjacent lift loops, or all four loops. In general, the straps are used for single point lifting. However, the bulk bag is not limited to single-point pickup with the addition of stevedore straps.

Bulk bags used for export shipping and areas where traditional forklift access is difficult are oftentimes equipped with stevedore straps. The straps allow the operator to easily raise and lower a bag with a crane or hook system.

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Stevedore FIBC Product Features

  • Single and Double Stevedore Strap Equipped
  • Multiple Top Filling and Discharging Options
  • A, B, C, and D Fabric Types
  • Uncoated and Coated PP Fabric
  • Factory installed PE or PP Liner
  • High Heat Resistant Fabric
  • Safe Working Load Range 500 – 4,000lbs
  • 5:1, 6:1 Safety Factor
  • UV Stabilized 1,600 Hours
  • Produced in ISO and BRCGS Certified Facilities



Heavy Manufacturing

Often used by steel mills, lime processors, and refractories manufacturers, stevedore equipped bulk bags provide the strength and versatility needed for challenging environments.

Pipeline Construction

Used for pipeline construction support including trench breakers, water stops, pipe padding, pipe bedding, and buoyancy control.

Flood Control

For unexpected emergencies caused by heavy rainfall and hurricanes, stevedore bulk bags provide the needed protection against flooding and other catastrophes.

Break Bulk Shipping

Stevedore straps enable manufacturers to move non-containerized product in ships saving time and money. Highly skilled port personnel maneuver bags in and out of the cargo holds of ocean vessels. Southern Packaging proudly supports a dynamic range of manufacturers that use stevedore equipped bulk bags.

Break Bulk Shipping

Steel Mills Flood & Erosion Control
Refractory Manufacturers Chemical Exporters
Lime Processors Grain Exporters
Pipeline Supply Companies Food Ingredient Exporters
Sand Exporters Oil Field Chemical Producers
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A ubiquitous low-cost bag style, the woven polypropene sandbag provides strength, toughness, and convenient filling for flood control, erosion control, traffic barricade support, temporary levees, and pipeline support.

Made from tubular woven polypropylene fabric, sandbags are capable of holding nearly any dry substance. Woven PP provides a tear and puncture resistant barrier that stands up to wet and dry environments.


Sandbag Product Features

  • Available in multiple colors for high visibility
  • Maximum UVI protection - Up to 1,600 hours
  • Made from 100% recyclable polypropylene
  • Dense tight weave suitable for any dry substance
  • 10 x 10 Weave
  • Folded and Double Stitched Bottom Seam
  • Built-in ties
  • Various sizes, W” X L”

Sandbag Product Applications

Multi-purpose woven PP sandbags are designed to hold up to 50lbs of material in harsh environments. Pre-installed ties allow the bags to be filled quickly and easily for maximum protection against rising floodwaters and storm surges. Sandbags are best utilized for the following applications:

Product Applications

Flood Control Storm Surges
Erosion Control Traffic Control
Military Bunkers Ballast
Retaining Walls Construction
Natural Disaster Response Railroad Tie Components

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