Guide to Low Melt Batch Inclusion Bags

October 19, 2020

unnamed (2)Batch inclusion bags are used to pack a range of dry flowable materials including carbon black, titanium dioxide powder, elastomers (rubber), polystyrene pellets, and other chemicals. The package is designed to melt and disperse its contents uniformly into a heated mixture. The bag itself will completely dissolve into the mixture. 

A batch inclusion bag is ideal because it ensures consistent batch quality, eliminates product loss, and reduces the likelihood of contamination. Furthermore, workers are better protected from exposure to hazardous chemicals and dangerous mixing environments. 

Continue reading as we break down everything you need to know for purchasing and using low melt batch inclusion bags for your bulk packaging needs. 

What is Batch Inclusion Film?

Batch inclusion film is a specialty polyethylene-based film that is designed to melt at a specific temperature. The film’s melting point, strength, and color can tailored to the customer’s requirements by adjusting the resin blend. These types of films are printable and can be extruded into thicknesses ranging from 4-7 mil. 


What is Batch Inclusion Packaging? 

Batch inclusion packaging means that the package and the product it contains are put into the customer’s production batch with the package dissolving into the product being produced. Inclusion packaging can be water or solvent soluble in addition to films that melt at various temperatures. 

Benefits of Using Batch Inclusion Packaging

  • Ingredients are fully contained right until the time of mixing. This prevents waste and ensures that batches have uniform composition and consistency.
  • Ingredients can be measured and even shipped beforehand, eliminating the need for in-house weighing and containment.
  • Virtually zero waste, leading to material cost savings.
  • Every batch is pre-measured and placed directly inside the mixing container: the composition of ingredients remains uniform from batch to batch.
  • Reduce or eliminate additional processes such as cleanup and secondary mixing processes.

Who Needs Batch Inclusion Packaging? 

Manufacturers of:

  • Carbon Black
  • Refractories
  • Pigment
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Catalysts
  • Hazardous Chemicals
  • Rubber Compounds
  • Thermoplastics 

What Low Melt Bag Styles are Available?

Pasted Valve (PVSE) and Open Mouth low met bag styles are available. Contact our team to determine which styles are more suited to your business needs. 


6 Key Things to Consider When Purchasing Low Melt Batch Inclusion Bags

  1. Physical properties of the film or bags
    • Tensile strength
    • elongation
    • elmendorf tear
  2. Chemical resistance of the film
    • some chemicals and oils may attack certain types of packaging before the bag’s contents are thrown into the mixer
  3. Water vapor transmission rates of the film
    • consider if the contents of the bags are moisture sensitive such as desiccants
  4. Heat sealability of the film and bags
  5. Cost
    • usually, the lower the melting point, the higher the cost.
    • higher melting bags (>95°C) will usually have stronger physical properties, better chemical resistance, and lower water vapor transmission rates.
  6. Size


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