10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Bulk Packaging From a Distributor and Not a Manufacturer

October 8, 2020


Bulk packaging distributors are a vital component in the manufacturing supply chain. They may seem like an unnecessary cost layer in your procurement strategy, however, before you write off engaging a bulk packaging distributor to support your operation, consider these 10 reasons why you should be buying from a distributor and not a manufacturer.

10 Reasons You Should Buy Bulk Packaging From a Distributor:


1. Manufacturers produce single or limited categories of packaging.

For customers using multiple types of packaging (e.g. bulk bags, multi-wall paper bags, poly bags, corrugated, etc.), this can mean multiple vendors. Packaging distributors have the flexibility to provide a broad range of packaging types, sourced from a variety of high quality manufacturers. Vendor consolidation promotes efficiency in the procurement process.


2. Manufacturers produce in significant volumes with high-minimum order quantities.

Often customers do not require large quantities of high-quality packaging. Packaging distributors aggregate the smaller volume requirements of these accounts to meet the high production hurdles set by large manufacturers.


3. Manufacturers do not have the support staff needed to meet the customer service demands of small, medium, and large size accounts.

Distributors are customer focused organizations. Because they do not bear the burden of manufacturing their own products, they are able to expend all their time, effort, and attention to getting the right product in the hands of the right customer.

4. Certain types of packaging are only produced overseas.

Oftentimes, overseas manufacturers have no sales representation in the U.S. These companies rely on U.S. based distributors for sales support and warehousing.

5. Manufacturing lead times on most bulk packaging items are 4-16 weeks.

Distributor warehouse facilities serve as local fulfillment points to provide just-in-time delivery. Vendor managed inventory programs allow customers to receive their packaging when they need it and at the right level.

6. Distributors leverage their buying power to provide competitive pricing to their customers.

For example, a distributor buying 100 truckloads of product from a manufacturer carries far more purchasing power than a customer that buys 1.

The distributor can pass on volume discounts to the end user. Furthermore, distributors are able to provide flexibility through inventory programs, just-in-time delivery services, and custom packaging design services.

7. As customer-service focused organizations, distributors are able to provide more in-person customer support.

Distributors employ significantly more outside sales staff that spend their time in the plants they support. Outside sales staff are instrumental in solving technical problems, identifying areas for improvement, and creating trust with the customer.

8. The financial and operational risk of doing business with an unknown international manufacturer is high.

Distributors comb through hundreds of global suppliers to validate world-class manufacturers for the benefit of their customers. This reduces the risk of receiving inferior quality materials.


9. Distributors speak the technical language of their manufacturers and their customers.

Distributors understand the functional requirements of the customer and how to translate those parameters into the technical specifications needed to properly manufacture the product.

10. Distributors answer the call when you need them.

Distributors work with vendors located domestically and abroad. Success as a distributor requires timeliness, responsiveness, and a 24/7 approach to business.


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