UN-Certified Packaging for Dangerous Goods in FIBCs

May 22, 2023


Transporting hazardous materials in a safe and legal manner requires the use of UN-certified packaging. FIBCs intended to carry hazardous materials must have the proper UN markings, which are made up of various letters, numbers, and symbols with specific meanings. We stock over 1,000,000 UN-certified bulk bags available for immediate shipment.

What Is UN-Certified Packaging?

UN-Certified packaging refers to packaging that has been tested and certified to meet the requirements of the United Nations (UN) for the safe transportation of dangerous goods. 

The UN certification process ensures that packaging is capable of withstanding various conditions and protects its contents during transport, including potential hazards such as shock, vibration, compression, and temperature changes.

The certification process involves subjecting the packaging to various tests, including drop tests, stacking tests, pressure tests, and penetration tests, among others. The packaging must meet certain performance standards, such as the ability to prevent leaks and resist damage during transport.

UN-certified packaging is essential for transporting hazardous materials safely and legally. The use of UN-certified packaging is mandatory for the transport of dangerous goods by road, rail, sea, and air.


UN-Certified Packaging Requirements for FIBCs 


Each flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) intended for hazardous materials or dangerous goods packaging must be marked as follows:

1. The UN packaging symbol

2. The designation code for the type of packaging:

  • 13H1 = FIBC, Uncoated, No Liner
  • 13H2 = FIBC, Coated, No Liner
  • 13H3 = FIBC, Uncoated, With Liner
  • 13H4 = FIBC, Coated, With Liner

3. A capital letter indicating the approved packing group(s) for the design type:

  • X = Packing Groups I, II, and III (IBCs for solids only)
  • Y = Packing Groups II and III
  • Z = Packing Group III only

4. The manufacture date, indicated by the month and year (last two digits)

5. The state responsible for authorizing the allocation of the mark, which is identified by the distinctive symbol for motor vehicles in international transportation

6. The manufacturer's name or symbol and other identifying information of the FIBC, as specified by the relevant regulatory authority

7. The stacking test load in kilograms (kg); for FIBCs not designed for stacking, a “0” must be inserted

8. The FIBC's maximum allowable weight, including its contents and the weight of the bag itself, in kilograms

The markings must be placed in a visible location and remain legible throughout the life of the FIBC. Moreover, they should be at least 12 millimeters (mm) tall, including letters, numerals, and symbols.


Stacking Marking

An FIBC designed for stacking or not designed for stacking, as appropriate, must be marked as follows:

The UN requirements specify that the UN symbol must be clearly visible and durable. Stacking-BulkBags-Canva

It should be a square with sides no less than 100 millimeters (3.9 inches) by 100 millimeters (3.9 inches), as measured from the corner printer marks indicated above. In cases where dimensions are not explicitly specified, the features must be approximately proportional to those shown. 

In addition, for FIBCs designed for stacking, the symbol should display the maximum permitted stacking load applicable when the FIBC is in use. The weight indicated above the symbol must not exceed the load imposed during the design stack test divided by 1.8. The letters and numbers used to indicate the mass should be at least 12 millimeters (0.48 inches) in size. 


Additional Markings

To ensure compliance with relevant regulations, it is necessary to use placards or labels that correspond to the specific product being transported in the FIBC. To determine the exact placard and label requirements, refer to the applicable regulations and guidelines.BulkBag-StockList-SouthernPackaging

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