Bulk Bag Lift Loops Explained – Cross Corner vs. Corner Seam

February 17, 2021

image4-1A Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (aka FIBC, Bulk Bag, Super Sack™, Tote, Jumbo Bag) is a large industrial bag designed to carry immense loads of dry flowable materials. Nearly all FIBCs are equipped with lift loops. Lift loops come in various sizes and styles but perform the same basic function: they serve as a handle or pickup point for raising and lowering a bulk bag. Lift Loops are made from high tensile strength woven poly. Commonly, each bulk bag lift loop is rated at 5,000lbs tensile strength.

What are the most common types of FIBC lift loops?

This post will explore the most common types of lift loops. Lift loops are fully customizable, however, 95% of all lift loops will fall into these categories.


Cross Corner Lift Loopsimage1-2

Cross Corner lift loops can be found on tubular or “circular” bag constructions. Cross corners lift loops are sewn onto the body of the FIBC and form an “arch” over each corner. The most common cross corner lift loop size is 3 inches in width x 10 inches in free height. Tubular bags with cross corner loops are the most cost-effective type of bulk bag.


Corner Seam Lift Loopsimage2

Corner seam lift loops can be found on U-Panel and 4-Panel bag constructions. Corner seam lift loops are sewn along the side seams of the bag. The loop begins and ends at the same point on the bag forming a tear drop shape. The most common corner seam lift loop size is 2 inches in width x 10 inches in free height. U-Panel bags with corner seam loops are more costly than tubular bags. However, they are extremely strong and durable.


Stevedore Straps

image7Stevedore straps are an additional lifting component to a cross corner or corner seam loop. A stevedore strap is a belt connecting either two adjacent lift loops, or all four loops. In general, the straps are used for single point lifting. However, the bulk bag is not limited to single point pickup with the addition of stevedore straps.

Bulk bags used for export shipping and areas where traditional forklift access is difficult are oftentimes equipped with stevedore straps. The straps allow the operator to easily raise and lower a bag with a crane or hook system.


Single Loop

image3-1Single loop bags are the #1 most cost effective FIBC style. They are commonly used in Europe. They are constructed using tubular fabric. The construction does not require lift loops to be sewn onto the bag. Rather, the lift loops are created using colored sleeves. Single loop bags are infrequently utilized in the United States. They are easy to handle and compatible with fully automated bagging equipment.

Double Loop – Double loop bags are similar to single loop bags in their construction and functionality. 

Tunnel Loops / Sleeves – Tunnel loops or “sleeves” are made from bulk bag body fabric. They can be sewn into the top or base of the FIBC. The benefit of this type of loop is excellent stability during lifting and transport. However, they can limit forklift access to the bag.



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