Rounded Corner Slip Sheets and Layer Pads for Consumer Packaged Goods

February 1, 2021

rounded corner slip sheetWhat is a slip sheet?

A slip sheet, pallet pad, or layer pad is a thin sheet of heavy-duty paperboard, corrugated fiberboard or plastic used as a load support device for shipping palletized material. Slip sheets are typically placed between a pallet and the palletized material to prevent palletized products from incurring damage during storage, handling, and shipping. Slip sheets can be layered between products to disperse weight. They also protect against strapping and forklift damage. 

large paperboard rollsHow is a rounded corner slip sheet made? 

Heavy duty paperboard is made by laminating multiple plies of kraft linerboard. The paperboard is wound and shipped in large rolls. Each roll can weigh as much a car and requires a special forklift to move. 

rounded corner slip sheet

Slip sheet converters purchase the paperboard rolls on the secondary market at auction. A slip sheet is generally produced with off-spec paper. The converter trims and slices rolls into sheets based on the requirements of the customer. 

Sheets are generally palletized by the ton. Pallet count can range from 1000-4000 sheets based on the sheet’s caliper (thickness).  

A rounded corner slip sheet is made from the same roll stock as a standard straight edge sheet. The only difference is the sheets are die-cut. A rotary die cutter is used to create the desired shape. Sheets can also be scored for accurate folding. 

What are the benefits of a rounded corner slip sheet?rounded corner slip sheet

Rounded corner or die-cut slip sheets have functional benefits versus standard straight edge slip sheets. Round corner sheets help prevent stretch film or hooder film from tearing when the pallet is covered or wrapped. Tear prevention allows the pallet to be wrapped tighter which improves the stability of the load. Rounded corner slip sheets also improve the appearance of a wrapped or banded pallet. 

Are you in need of round corner slip sheets or layer pads? 

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