Emergency Stock Paper Valve Bags for Cement, Lime, Sand, and More!

October 12, 2021

The multi-wall paper bag supply chain has been disrupted to a degree not seen in decades. For veterans of the industrial bag industry, these are some of the most challenging times in the last 50 years.


Paper shortages, labor shortages, and shipping bottlenecks are a few of the conditions affecting manufacturers’ and distributors’ ability to make on-time delivery. Price increases seem to be occurring almost every month. Large commodity building products companies that use multi-wall pasted valve bags are experiencing delivery delays. For large bag users, this can mean running out of bags and shutting down production for days or weeks.

How do I avoid running out of paper valve bags when deliveries are late?

Shutting down production due to lack of packaging is a plant manager’s worst nightmare. However, this can all be avoided by utilizing Southern Packaging’s robust stock valve bag inventory.

We source multi-wall pasted valve bags from world-class suppliers located all over the world. Our primary suppliers are based in Mexico and Brazil. Each year we import and distribute millions of multi-wall pasted valve bags throughout the United States and Canada.

Our stock bag volumes range from .5 cubic feet to 2+ cubic feet. This allows us to support a wide variety of customers.

What stock valve bag sizes does Southern Packaging offer?

Southern Packaging Valve Bags - Most Commonly Available Sizes

13.50 X 15.75 X 3.50 17.00 X 20.00 X 5.00 19.50 X 23.00 X 5.50 21.50 X 23.00 X 6.00
14.00 X 19.00 X 4.00 17.75 X 20.50 X 6.00 19.75 X 22.75 X 5.50 21.50 X 23.50 X 6.75
14.00 X 19.00 X 4.50 17.75 X 21.00 X 6.50 20.00 X 23.00 X 5.50 22.00 X 25.00 X 6.50
15.00 X 17.00 X 4.50 18.00 X 24.50 X 5.50 20.00 X 23.00 X 6.00 23.00 X 27.00 X 7.00
15.50 X 18.00 X 4.75 18.50 X 23.00 X 5.50 21.00 X 26.00 X 6.00 23.00 X 30.00 X 4.50
16.00 X 19.00 X 5.00 19.00 X 23.00 X 4.75 21.25 X 23.75 X 6.00  

We currently warehouse 1.75 million multi-wall paper bags. Of these, many are plain stock valve bags that are suitable for a broad range of industrial products including cement, sand, lime, resin, chemicals, and food ingredients.

The following is a list of our most commonly available sizes. Contact one of our sales professionals at info@southernpackaginglp.com for more details on available inventory, bag construction, and samples requests.

What valve bag constructions do you offer?

We offer bags made with high-performance extensible paper and natural kraft paper. Many of our bags are equipped with a PE film barrier. The film is buried between the plies. Almost all our stock bags are perforated to some degree for air release.

Bags are generally plain brown but we also offer plain bleached white bags.

What is your minimum order quantity?

We are a wholesaler. As such, we sell in full pallet quantities only. Depending on the bag size and construction, most paper valve bags are palletized 2,000 - 5,000 bags per pallet.

How quickly can you deliver?

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Customer setup generally takes 15 minutes. Typically, we can ship out stock bags on the same day they are ordered. Transit time to most locations in the U.S. is 1 - 3 business days.

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes. We support customers all throughout Canada with multi-wall paper bags. Canadian customers will need to arrange their own freight from our Texas warehouses.

How are you handling bag disruptions in 2022?

We are doubling our stock inventory toward the end of 2021 and early 2022. We currently have 5 million stock bags on order to support customers needing plain bags.

Multi-Wall Paper Packaging Page

Do you offer paper bag styles other than pasted valve?

Yes, we also offer stock PBOM (Pinch Bottom Open Mouth), Webb Pinch (Satchel Bottom Open Mouth), SOS (Self-Opening Satchel), and SOM (Sewn Open Mouth).

Do you offer plastic valve bags?

Yes, we can provide poly valve bags. We supply woven poly and poly film valve bags. Our manufacturing capabilities for this style bag are the best the industry has to offer.

What if I need a custom size or printed bags?

We are happy to provide high-quality custom bags. Lead time on custom orders is currently 20 - 24 weeks. MOQ on custom orders is 20,000 bags. This is 20,000 per print and per size. There are no exceptions to the MOQ.

Do you need to speak with a sales rep immediately? Email us at info@southernpackaginglp.com and we will return your message as soon as possible.

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