Customizing Your FIBC Bulk Bags Through Printing

July 9, 2021

Many companies search for an option to easily distinguish their bulk bags and make them stand out against other bulk bags that a plant might use. When thinking of bulk bag design, many companies think to print on their FIBC but are sometimes unsure if this process is possible for their specific design and FIBC material. 

Can you print an FIBC? Custom printed bulk bags for your dynamic business. 

FIBCs or bulk bags are used to store and transport large volumes of dry flowable material. Manufactured from woven polypropylene fabric, they are generally well suited for ink printing. 

Bulk bags can be printed on each side panel in multiple colors. Due to their large size when filled, the information printed on the bag is easily read from a distance. Customers may print bags for reasons including:

-Marketing & Branding

-Product ID & Tracing

-Hazardous Chemical ID

-Safety Warnings

-Product Use Instructions

-Proper Storage & Disposal 

-Proper Recycling

For hazardous products that require an UN-rated package, bulk bags must be printed with the proper warnings and safety labels. Please see our UN Certified FIBC information for details on proper labeling. 

How is an FIBC printed?

FIBC fabric is made from weaving polypropylene tapes or strands. The woven polypropylene sheets are cut into different sizes and shapes based on the requirements of the FIBC. After the fabric has been cut it can be run through a flexographic printing press for printing. Photopolymer plates are placed on a cylinder and transfer ink directly onto the fabric. 

Printing capabilities vary based on the manufacturing plant. In general, an FIBC can be printed on 4 sides in up to 4 colors. Some plants are capable of printing in up to 6 colors. Minimum and maximum print width and height vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. 

How much does it cost to print an FIBC?

Printing an FIBC is relatively inexpensive. The cost to print an FIBC depends on the size and complexity of the print, the number of bag sides printed, the amount of ink coverage, and the number of colors. Expect to pay an additional $.25 - $1.50 per bag for printing. 

It is important to be mindful of the inherent limitations of printing an FIBC. Woven polypropylene does not print with the same degree of sharpness compared to paper or flat poly. Complex printing with color trapping may also be constrained. Also, FIBC print can easily be affected by sunlight and the elements. In general, dark colors perform best on FIBC fabric

Do you need a printed FIBC?

Do you want to set your company apart from your competitors? We can print your custom FIBC! Contact our experienced sales team for more information on printed bulk bags. 

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