Bulk Bag, FIBC, or Super Sack®? What’s in a Name?

May 3, 2021

Southern Packaging, LP is one of the largest distributors of industrial containers in the United States, serving a dynamic range of local, national, and international manufacturers.

Bulk Bag, FIBC, or Super Sack

We are proud to provide bulk packaging products that enable our customers to produce and deliver the highest quality materials in their industry.  

What is an FIBC?

A Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container, or “FIBC”, is an industrial packaging product made from woven polypropylene (plastic) fabric. The fabric components are sewn to form the shape of a large bag. The purpose of the bag is to store and transport dry flowable products such as sand, resin, flour, and cement. FIBCs can be designed to carry loads up to 5,000lbs!

The nomenclature of these industrial containers varies across the range of industries we supply. Our customers will often refer to a Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container as a:

  • FIBC (most common)
  • Bulk Bag (most common)
  • Super Sack ® (The term Super Sack® is trademarked by BAG Corp.)
  • Tote (common in the agricultural industry)
  • Bulk Tote
  • Jumbo Bag
  • Big Bag
  • Super Bag
  • Bulk Sack
  • One Ton Bag ® (The term One Tone Bag® is trademarked by OneTonBag LLC)

As a leading supplier of bulk bags, we are familiar with every imaginable name for the type of product you need. Whether you’re a specialized FIBC procurement manager or using a bulk bag for the first time, our experienced team of professionals can get you in the bag that will get the job done.  

Need FIBC Bulk Bags?

Southern Packaging stocks the largest inventory of on-demand FIBCs in the country. Nearly 1 million FIBCs across 100 SKUs are available for immediate shipment to your plant location.  

Our substantial inventory includes all styles of FIBCs, paper bags, UN-certified bags, BRC & AIB food quality bags, Polybags, BOPP bags, dunnage bags, and bulk shipping supplies. Connect with our team to see how you can get started with our packaging options today!